We are changing the way you buy and get gift’s delivered

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Buying a unique gift online that supports local business + getting it delivered in time is hard

Our App will make it easy to
Browse Local Retail Stores
Select a Unique GIft
Get it Delivered - fast!
Track Delivery in Real Time
Or send Tracking Link to Recipient

Our Prototype has bones!

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The time for GiftRapt is now

The market is ready with the On-Demand sharing economy trend in full flight

0 $ Billion

Christmas gifts industry in Australia

0 $ Billion

Gen Y’ers and on-demand adopters spend

The market is ready.

We surveyed our target market and this is what they told us

0 %

would pay extra to receive faster delivery

0 %

Prefer a Mobile App over Desktop to buy a Gift

We want to create a movement: Buy Local when you can’t be local.

Gift Gram will provide a fast and seamless purchasing experience for the user, and take the trouble of delivery off the retailer, so they can have the time to put towards their operational needs. It also helps send customers to local retailers, who wouldn’t have found them otherwise.

We care about buying local, don’t you?

+ Every dollar spent stays in the local economy. It goes to local payroll, to the owner, to local taxes, and it really adds up very, very quickly.
+ It also cut’s down the environmental impact of having to transport gifts a long distance

We help retail stores

By providing a Dashboard platform that will help them better understand their customers and products
  • Smart insights to consumer buying behaviour
  • Statistics on previous sales
  • Access to the GiftRapt community
  • Tips for gift buying trends
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User gift buying process

Browse Gift Stores
Near Recipient

Select + Choose Gift+ Delivery

Track or Send theTracking Link

You made
Someone’s Day!

The bigger picture

We are fully scalable Gift buying and delivery solution. With every gift purchase we learn from intelligent data and smart insights in consumer gift buying behaviour
  • Gift buying behaviour data insights
  • Rewarded with Offers/Token
  • In turn keeps customers engaged
  • Integration to Social Media Birthday Notifications
  • Shareable Wish Lists
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